Minutes of April 21, 2014 membership meeting


Monday, May 19, 2014 – MEMBERSHIP MEETING at the North Ridgeville Library at 7 p.m.

Program: Chris Reed from Stanton Jewelers



President Betty Lou Palmer called meeting to order.

Financial Report – Betty Day reported that as of April 20, 2014 the balance is $4774.51.

Community Care – Thanks to all those who helped put together the Easter baskets.

North Ridgeville Corn Fest Arts and Crafts Fair – The contracts have been mailed and we have received seven contracts.

Library Renewal – No increase in taxes, election is on May 6th.

High School Art – Judging the artwork will be on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 2:30PM at the high school.

Art Show at North Ridgeville Library – Monday, May 7th. Artwork will be put up on May 5th.

Membership – $20 Dues can be sent to Betty Day. 36801 Chestnut Ridge Rd. NR.

Election of Officers – Margaret Truman gave a brief history of the Arts Council and its mission.

Officers are as follows:
President – Ilona Manista
Vice President – Margaret Truman
Secretary – Mary Beth Bogner
Treasurer – Betty Day

Major School Performance – Janet Willoughby contacted Wilcox but was informed that they could not find someone for $400. She is going to contact Sharon Aunchman for ideas/recommendations. Janet contacted the high school but calls have not been returned.

Thank you, Vee Valega, for the delicious refreshments we enjoyed while visiting with each other.

Betty Lou Palmer made a motion to close the meeting. Margaret T. seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Bogner, Secretary

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