Minutes of January 19, 2013 membership meeting


Monday, February 18 – MEMBERSHIP MEETING at the Verite Stained Glass at 34340 Mills Road in Avon at 6 p.m.  Program:  Sheree Ferrato will teach us how to make pendants.  ($15 for supplies)

Monday, March 18 – MEMBERSHIP MEETING at the North Ridgeville Library at 7 p.m.


MEMBERSHIP MEETING – January 19, 2013

Attendance:  Nancy Bowman; Margaret Brooks-Terry, Betty Day; Nancy Gavin; Lonnie Hart; Sandy Hines; Roberta Holbrook, Jean Johnson, Ilona Manista; Betty Lou Palmer; Pat Pitts; Karen Sigsworth, Bev Stricker, Margaret Truman, Vee Valega and Karen Vassily.

Program:  Charlotte Yetman is an Associate Professor in Theatre at Baldwin Wallace University where she is a costume designer.  Professor Yetman has also been a costume designer for the Great Lakes Theatre for the past eight seasons.  She gave us some insight on the costumes and headdresses for the recent production, “Follies” at BW.  There were 49 people in the cast of “Follies” so there were many costumes to be made.  A few were able to be used after revision from previous shows.  Charlotte teaches and works with students, who help make the costumes, in her shop.  When she is about to make costumes for a production, she starts with research on what they wore in that period of time.  She then goes through all the steps including going to New York to select the fabric to make the costumes.  Everyone totally enjoyed hearing her stories and seeing some of what she has created.

Treasurer’s Report:  Betty Day reported that the total bank balance is $4,592.27. The treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Annual Christmas Dinner:  Our annual Christmas dinner was a huge success.  The food from Sterk’s Catering was delicious.  Dan Halloran was our entertainment, as he portrayed Elvis.  It was a lot of fun.  We were able to give Community Care $592 from our auction of many packages which were brought by the attendees.  This event is always fun as well as worthwhile.

Community Care Easter Baskets:  Arts Council plans to assist Community Care with Easter baskets again this year.  Lonnie Hart moved that we donate up to $300 to Community Care for Easter baskets.  Pat Pitts seconded the motion.   The motion carried.  We could use donations of Easter candy in addition to good used baskets. If you are interested in putting baskets together, we will meet at Community Care on Tuesday, March 19 at 10 a.m. Any questions, please call Betty Lou Palmer at 440-327-9751.

Field Trips:  We are planning to attend the Tetelestai at John Knox Presbyterian at 25200 Lorain Road in North Olmsted.  The presentation will be on February 22, 23 & 24.  Some members and friends plan to attend on Saturday, February 23 at 8 p.m.  If you would like to go as a group, call Betty Lou Palmer at 440-327-9751. Olde Towne Hall Theatre is presenting “Kiss Me Kate” between February 15 and March 9.  For more information see their website or call 440-327-2909.

Program for the February meeting:  Verite Stained Glass:  Sheree Ferrato of Verite Stained Glass is a teacher of kiln formed glass and stained glass in her studio located at 34340 Mills Road in Avon.  She is also an art teacher of Northeast Ohio students through Young Audiences.  Since more and more schools are losing art in their classes, this program becomes even more important.  Sheree has helped the students create tiles, pendants, and glass fusion.  Sheree created the butterfly stained glass window at the North Ridgeville Library in the main meeting room.

Arts Council has scheduled a program in her studio during our February 18, 2013 meeting at 6:00 p.m.  She will teach us how to make pendants.  The supplies for us to create our own pendant will cost each of us $15. Please call Betty Lou Palmer at 440-327-9751 to make a reservation.

Margaret Truman moved to adjourn the meeting and Vee Valega seconded the motion.

Thank you, Pat Pitts, for the delicious refreshments which everyone enjoyed while visiting.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Gavin

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