Minutes of October 15, 2012 membership meeting


Monday, November 19  –  MEMBERSHIP MEETING at the North Ridgeville Library at 7 p.m.

Program:  Garalynn Tomas talks about trip to Africa

Monday, December 17 –   CHRISTMAS DINNER at the North Ridgeville Library at 6 p.m.


MEMBERSHIP MEETING – October 15, 2012

Attendance:  Nancy Bowman; Betty Day; Sheree Ferrato, guest; Nancy Gavin; Lonnie Hart; Sandy Hines; Ilona Manista; Betty Lou Palmer; Pat Pitts; Margaret Truman and Vee Valega.

Program:  Verite Stained Glass:  Sheree Ferrato of Verite Stained Glass is a teacher of kilnformed glass and stained glass in her studio located at 34340 Mills Road in Avon.  She is also an art teacher of Northeast Ohio students through Young Audiences.  Since more and more schools are losing art in their classes, this program becomes even more important.  Sheree has helped the students create tiles, pendants, and glass fusion.

In Parma Hospital about 1-1/2 years ago Sheree created a stained glass window with a tree of life.  Donors can purchase leaves on the tree with proceeds going to the fourth stage cancer patients who cannot afford to pay their bills.  This stained glass window is visible from the main entrance.

Arts Council has scheduled a program in her studio during our February 18, 2013 meeting.  She will teach us how to make pendants.  The supplies for us to create our own pendant will cost each of us $15.  Mark that on your calendar.

Treasurer’s Report:  Betty Day reported that the total bank balance is $4,991.24. The treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Annual Christmas Dinner:  We will hold our annual Christmas dinner on the third Monday in December on December 17 at the North Ridgeville Library at 6 p.m.  Ilona Manista moved to reserve Sterk’s Catering for the event.  Nancy Gavin seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  We will have entertainment.  Watch our future minutes and/or our website for more information at www.ridgevilleartscouncil.wordpress.com

Field Trips:  We are planning to attend the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, at the Stocker Center on Friday, October 26.  Members of NRAC, also, plan to attend The Amazing Kreskin at the Palace Theatre in Lorain on Saturday, October 27.  The Plaza Suite is still playing at the Olde Towne Hall Theatre the next two weekends.  It is a comedy by Neil Simon.

Program for November meeting:  Garalynn Tomas will be talking about her trip to Africa.

Membership dues and donations:  Donations and dues for the 2012-13 year can be brought to our next meeting or mailed to P.O Box 39283, North Ridgeville.  Dues are $20 per year.

Thank you, Lonnie Hart, for the delicious refreshments everyone enjoyed.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Gavin

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