Minutes of November 21, 2011 membership meeting


Monday, December 19 , 2011 –  Christmas Party at North Ridgeville Library at 6 p.m.     


Attendance:  Mary Beth Bogner, Nancy Bowman, Betty Day, Nancy Franks, Nancy Gavin, Sandy Hines, Mark Madere, Ilona Manista, Betty Lou Palmer,  Karen Sigsworth, Lorrie Ternes, Jerry Toich, Margaret Truman, Veronica Valega, Al & Janet Willoughby. 

Program:  Susan Spivey teaches computer lessons at the North Ridgeville Library.  She gave us information on the types of E-media that are available to us online.  She also provided information about the different types of electronic book readers such as the Kindle, Nook and IPAD.

Betty Palmer brought the meeting to order.

Ilona made a motion to accept the October minutes.  Nancy G. seconded.  All in favor.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Balance as of November 21, 2011, $5173.85. 

Reflections Art Shoe – Amanda Shelnutt suggested that we provide a craft table for the kids during the Reflections Art show on March 24, 2012.

Christmas Party-  Sterk’s will be catering this event.  Margaret motioned that we charge $10 per person, Mark seconded.  All in favor.  Motion carried.

The entertainer will be David Eye – Betty’s nephew.  We will be having the auction with proceeds going to Community Care.

Old Town Hall Theater – Nancy B. made a motion to give a donation of $100.  Ilona seconded.  All in favor.  Motion carried.

Major School Performance – Janet W.  has been in touch with the Middle School art teacher.  They will probably do something in the spring.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.  Alan seconded.  All in favor.  Motioned carried.

Thank you Lonnie for the great refreshments!!

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Bogner

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