Minutes of May 16, 2011 membership meeting


Monday, June 20 – MEMBERSHIP MEETING at the North Ridgeville Library at 7 p.m.

Program: Stanton Jewelers Presentation



Attendance: Nancy Bowman, Betty Day, Nancy Gavin, Lonnie Hart, Mark Madere, Ilona Manista, Betty Lou Palmer, Pat Pitts, Karen Sigsworth, Lorrie Ternes, Jerry Toich, Margaret Truman, Vee Valega, and Janet Willoughby.

Betty Palmer, president, brought the meeting to order. She welcomed our new member, Pat Pitts.

Treasurer’s Report: Betty Day reported as of April 18: $1,350 was received for membership dues and donations. Expenses were: $300 to Lear North Elementary for Major School Performance, $100 for the guide for the church tour for the NR High School, $155.20 for postage and printing of the membership/donation mailing and $50 for the outgoing president gift. The total bank balance is $4,030.11. Margaret Truman moved that we give Sean Crum a donation of $50 for his excellent tour of the Cleveland Museum of Art for the Arts Council members and friends. Lonnie Hart seconded the motion. All approved.

Senior Art Gallery Award: Margaret, also, informed us that we donated $87.69 for the framing of the North Ridgeville High School winning picture. Each year a piece of artwork is chosen to hang in the media center at NR High School with work from other outstanding art students.

An Evening in the Garden: Don Mould’s Plantation is having a Breast Cancer Fundraiser on May 19 from 6 – 9 p.m. spotlighting local businesses in our community. We are going to be represented by Margaret and Betty Palmer and have some of our literature available and inform people of our organization. NR Historical Society will also be present.

Artistic Endeavor Scholarship: The scholarship breakfast for the North Ridgeville High School is on Friday, May 27, which is a correction from last month’s minutes. Only two students applied for this year’s scholarship. The winner of this year’s $1,000 scholarship is Nathan Hart. He would like to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art. He has won awards for his artwork including two Silver Keys from Scholastics, the Lorain County Juried Art Exhibition. Nathan helped create the Bicentennial mural for North Ridgeville and helped to design, draw and cut out cartoon figures for children in hospitals.

News Release Template: Mark Madere gave us a news release template so that any of us wanting to have items on our website or in newspapers will know what information is needed and its placement. Contact information is needed so anyone can contact us with questions. Then it can be sent to Mark at mark@spectralight.com

North Ridgeville Corn Fest: Amanda Shelnutt has created a flier to be distributed to students who are in 5th grade or lower in North Ridgeville. This will inform them of our 3rd Annual Color-ing Contest. Children ages 3 through 12 can participate. They can pick up an entry form at North Ridgeville Library. We currently have received 11 contracts for our Arts and Crafts Fair.

June 20, 2011 Membership Meeting: On Monday, June 20 at 7 p.m. at the North Ridgeville Library. Stanton Jewelers will have a lovely presentation on jewelry. Come and bring a friend. Check our website for more details.

Historian: Ilona Manista has found some very old Arts Council photo albums. We need a volunteer to use current photos to start a photo album. Pat Pitts volunteered to be Historian. Karen Sigsworth said that the Historical Society would be able to store the old photo albums. Lonnie Hart moved to give the old photo albums to the North Ridgeville Historical Society. Pat Pitts seconded the motion. All voted in favor of the motion.

Fundraising: Betty Palmer reported that we were unable to sell food at the Fields United Methodist Church during its rummage sale. They sell food themselves.

Churches in Cleveland tour: Six members of arts council went on the church bus tour on May 5 along with art students North Ridgeville High School. They visited three churches: St. Stephen’s Catholic Church on Scranton Road, St. Michael’s Catholic Church and Pilgrim Church, a United Church of Christ on West 14th Street. We donated $100 for the tour guide, Tim Barrett, who is very informative. The students are always so well behaved and a pleasure to be with.

Cleveland Museum of Art tour: On April 30 fourteen of us enjoyed our tour with Sean Crum explaining artwork from many artists and periods. Thank you, Sean, for a great job.

Major School Performance: Lear North Elementary School first graders were the recipients of our Major School Performance Award. “Drum Lessons from Around the World” was the presentation by Dr. Craig Woodson on April 8. Percussion instruments from around the world were used in the hands-on experience. Janet Willoughby reported that the North Ridgeville Press had a nice article about the performance.

Costume jewelry sale: Illona told us about costume jewelry sales that Stanton Jewelers have had in the past. They could have a fund raiser for us. If anyone has any good used costume jewelry they are no longer using, you could donate it so we could have a sale. Call Illona Manista for more details at 327-0422.

Be sure to check out our website for more information:


Betty Palmer closed the meeting. Thank you, Ilona, for the delicious refreshments.
After enjoying the refreshments and conversation, we looked around the library at the May Art Show, featuring artwork on display from students of all grade levels in the North Ridgeville City Schools.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Gavin

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