Minutes of April 18, 2011 membership meeting


Monday, May 16, 2011 – MEMBERSHIP MEETING at the North Ridgeville Library at 7 p.m.

Program: We will tour the artwork from students of North Ridgeville City Schools at the library.



Program: Janet Bird, Educational Coordinator Lorain County Historical Society – presented the council with artifacts that consisted of women’s clothing/underclothing dated from the 1830’s until the early 1900’s which showed us how fashion changed during those years.

Attendance: Mary Beth Bogner, Betty Day, Nancy Gavin, Nancy Franks, Lonnie Hart, Scott Hosler, Mark Madere, Ilona Manista, Betty Lou Palmer, Amanda Shelnutt, Karen Sigsworth, Lorrie Ternes, Jerry Toich, Margaret Truman, Vee Valega, Omadell Jollay, JoAnn Pinclar, Donna Cavin, Sharon Hicks, Millie Clark, Sally Diederich, Helen Simo, Pat Pitts.

Jerry Toich, president, brought the meeting to order.

Induction of officers: President Jerry Toich

Betty Lou Palmer- President

Margaret Truman- Vice President

Betty Day- Treasurer

Mary Beth Bogner-Secretary

Betty Lou Palmer welcomed everyone to the meeting. She presented outgoing President, Jerry Toich with a gift for all of his hard work that he did for the arts council. Thank you Jerry!!

Scholarship: Thursday, May 26th at Wagner’s – Award’s Breakfast 8:00AM. 2 scholarship forms came in from the high school, Margaret T. will call Sean Crum to find out if there are any others.

Reflections Art Show: Nancy G. attended. There were a lot of entries from the elementary schools, not as much from middle school.

Treasurers Report: Betty Day had just received the checkbook and did not have a report ready.

New Business: Sean Crum will be giving a tour of the Cleveland Art Museum on April 30th. Meet in the lobby of the Art Museum at 1:00 PM.

Church Tour: The tour will take place on May 5th. Those that are attending will meet at 8:30 AM in the art room at the high school. If you would like to attend, please contact Margaret Truman.

Old Business: Janet Willoughby presented a $300 check to Lear North for a major school performance.

Corn Festival: We have 9 contracts so far.

Membership: Nancy Gavin has sent out the membership newsletter.

Fundraising: Betty Lou suggested selling hot dogs, chips and pop at the garage sale being held at Fields United Methodist Church on May 6th & 7th. She will call the church to find out if that is possible. We are still discussing an event for next year.

Arts Council Website – Mark Madere has set up a website for Arts Council. You can check it out at www.ridgevilleartscouncil.wordpress.com. We need to give him information to put on the website. He said there is no cost involved. If you have any information that should be on our website, let us know. This is an exciting new adventure for us! Thank you so much, Mark.

If you would like to receive the minutes by email, please send me your address at

Bognerfh@yahoo.com. Thank You.

Thanks to Karen Sigsworth for the delicious refreshments!

Jerry motioned to adjourn the meeting. Mary Beth Seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Bogner

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