Minutes of January 17, 2011 membership meeting

Attendance:  Nancy Bowman, Betty Day, Nancy Gavin, Lonnie Hart, Mark Madere, Ilona Manista, Betty Lou Palmer, Karen Sigsworth, Jerry Toich, Garalyn Tomas, and Vee Valega.

Jerry Toich, president, brought the meeting to order.

Treasurer’s Report:  Nancy Bowman reported:  Our bank balance is $4,168.77.  We charged $10 per person for our Christmas dinner party receiving $410.  The food cost us $496.50 for Sterks Catering; the guitarist/singer, Jeff Sherman, cost $125; and miscellaneous expenses were $83.12.  From the auction and the profits from Mark Madere selling a collage of pictures of North Ridgeville for the Bicentennial, we were able to give Community Care $377.  We received a thank you note from Community Care.  John Flesher, our scholarship winner of 2010, has sent in his information regarding his college so that he can receive his $1500 scholarship.

N. R. Parks and Recreation Dept.:  The Parks and Rec asked us to run a photography class, but we said we would try to do it next summer.  Sonya Morrow is getting programs together for the department.  Sonya asked that we send her minutes each month.  Nancy Gavin will give Mary Beth Bogner the information.  We discussed ideas of what could be done, but nothing firm was decided.

Arts and Crafts Fair at the Corn Festival:  Nancy Bowman received a letter from Nationwide Insurance, our insurance company, saying that the case has been settled with Mrs. Bernardo, a vendor from last year’s Arts and Crafts Fair.  She fell, hit her head, and was tangled in her tablecloth which she had on her table.  She claimed that the tables were too close together, but Betty has noted that they are the same as previous years and further apart than at many other craft shows.  The amount was not stated in the letter, but she was only looking to be reimbursed for her medical bills.  Betty asked if she could have contracts printed for the 2011 Arts and Crafts Fair.  All agreed that she should proceed.  Only the dates need to be changed.  She has already had a few inquiries about the 2011 fair details.  Amanda Shelnutt would like to do the coloring contest and an art contest for the middle and high schools.  She asked that someone assist her this year with that project.  Ilona Manista volunteered to assist Amanda.

Program for February 21 Arts Council Meeting: Mark Madere of Spectralight Photography will be giving a presentation on “Photo Restoration – The Art and Science of Resurrecting Damaged and Faded Photographs.”  Mark, a professional photographer based in North Ridgeville, will cover the cause of damage and fading to photographs and how to avoid it.  Bring in a damaged photo and he will let you know if it is fixable. You can see his website at http://www.spectralight.com/copyrest.  Bring a friend.

North Ridgeville Arts Council Website: Mark Madere has set up a website for Arts Council.  You can check it out at www.ridgevilleartscouncil.wordpress.com.  We need to give him information to put on the website.  He said there is no cost involved.  If you have any information that should be on our website, let us know.  This is an exciting new adventure for us!  Thank you so much, Mark.

Membership:  For our fiscal year of 2010-11 which began April, 2010 we received $410 to date for our membership dues and donations.  Thank you.

Ideas for programs and field trips: There was discussion about possible programs and field trips that we can schedule in the future.  Jerry will contact Sean Crum, art teacher at N. R. High School, to see if he would be interested in giving us a tour of the Cleveland Museum of Art again.

Betty Palmer moved to adjourn the meeting and Vee seconded the motion.

Thank you Betty Day for the yummy refreshments.  Everyone enjoyed them as well as the conversation.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Gavin

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